Thursday, 15 November 2012

GlossyBox November 2012

Sometimes it's hard to blog about thing's you aren't passionate about, or thing's that don't excite you. That's why my Glossybox posts have been MIA recently. I just couldn't muster up any enthusiasm.
Enter Glossbox November- The month Glossybox seem to have pulled their pretty pink lace trimmed socks up!

Based on stocking fillers to inspire you for the Christmas season that is rapidly approaching at full reindeer powered speed!
Firstly was Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
A curious little powder product unlike anything I have come across before.
"Rice based exfoliant" it looks like a fine white powder that you apply to wet hands and work into a paste to apply to the face. Interesting.
I'm going to have to follow up with a seperate blog post on this number because it has me stumped and curious.

Next up comes Alison Claire Natural Beauty Mango Body Butter
The Alison Claire brand stands for natural beauty against skin irritating chemicals.
This smells divine with a luxurious rich texture.
The packaging is brilliant, still a sample but in great packaging that make it feel like the high end samples we expect from Glossybox (no faffing about with sachets!)
And best of all, It's not tested on animals.

Third product is from the huge brand Nails Inc.
Three variations available in this month's box. I got the Caviar Top Coat which is perfect as I already own the other two colours (Porchester square and Notting Hill Gate)
Dry in 45 seconds with a super glossy wet look and chip resistant. Aren't we all on the never ending hunt for the perfect top coat?!
Mini size featured in the box

Product numero quattro is the now iconic Burberry fragrance - Body
A 4.5ml sample in a gorgeous mini version of the full size bottle.
I think it's a very "easy" scent to wear. Not over powering but noticeable and would be liked by most.
Perfect handbag essential for the party season...Or just any season seeing as I party about once a year...

Lastly the Ayuuri Natural Sandalwood Face Cream.
I hate Sandlewood. Which is a real shame as Ayuuri make lovely affordable products.
 We have seen this brand in Glossybox before where we got a bodywash. My bodywash was of course, also Sandalwood
Alas maybe one of my friends will read this and want me to toss it their way. It would be a shame to waste it.
A full size whopping 200ml product.
The other scent available was Indian Rose.

I haven't seen any box variations for this month so maybe there is another better/worse box doing the rounds too. Focusing on this one though, I think it's great and I am really pleased.
The December Christmas Glossybox last year was spectacular. I loved it, we all loved it!
I have high hopes for Xmas 2012 Glossbox...High hopes!


  1. Good box. I got a slightly different version which left me a little underwhelmed I'm afraid.

  2. Good box, mine hasn't come yet! I can't believe you don't like sandlewood, I love it

  3. Your box looks fab. I cannot recommend the Dermalogica highly is gentle yet very effective. I like to mix a bit of the powder in with my usual cleanser, makes the process quicker I find! x

  4. I've must say this has been one of the boxes of the year as I got a good one finally . All the same as you except the last item I got dr jart so glad to get that one as missed out last time .

  5. Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat is my favoutite top coat! :)

  6. wow nice box.
    I havnt got mine yet but i hope I receive the same! x


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