Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Myth behind the Oil

L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Mythic Oil- The most wonderous product I have stumbled across for a very long time! If I had been told a year ago that I would soon be religiously applying oil to my hair after every wash, I would have susspected you might be one of those tree hugging, tofu eating hippies. You see I strive for voluminous hair that screams "Cheryl Cole eat your heart out, it's because I'M WORTH IT!" Sadly I was given fine, limp, lifeless hair. So I stopped using conditioner as I felt it was making my hair lie even flatter and too silky to do anything with. This then of course led, to dry brittle end's. One just cant win!

Monday, 30 January 2012

GLOSSYBOX January Valentines edition

So it's that GLOSSY time of the month,
later than usual, but with this kind of time of the month it's not a cause for concern ;-) Another brilliant box that I love and with all the products guaranteed to be used, how could it get better?! This month was valentine themed and the pink box is a keeper for sure!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Soap and Glory Bandwagon

Being an avid beauty blog reader and beauty guru Youtube watcher, it becomes apparent that there always seems to be a brand or product that gets raved about enormously. It catches on like chicken pox and soon everyone has the bug, itching to get their hands on said product. Take Benefit they're real for example, or Soap and Glory.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nail polish jewellery- How to

I found something called "nail polish jewellery" It was on the internet, as everything is nowa days. Basically it's your favourite nail polish colours captured beautifully behind glass,
to wear here there and everywhere at your leisure. I make this point because I can't wear nail polish at my leisure, due to my job. So this to me seemed like a compromise between my love of shiny fingers and my boss's love of making me remove my lovingly applied polish (once I had to scrape it off my nails with a knife...I know, I know!)
OPI- Warm and Fozzie. Deborah Lippmann- Razzle Dazzle

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Always on the search for new app's for my beloved iPhone, I found the Etsy app. (I'm a lover of all things home made and a definite lover of a free app!)
I then got to searching through the pages and pages of inspired creations by various fellow crafting enthusiasts. I stumbled upon a cosmetic company that I had previously read a post about on the lipglossiping blog (A spot of bedtime reading I have become addicted to)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Excuse Moi! Your only 2!

So my first post is to be about a certain two year old called Elle. On finding out I was having a girl, I was filled with the very overwhelming urge to buy all things pink and flowery. (Then of course filled with worry and dread about what would be her teenage years!) At the moment though, she isn't a teenager, but rather a two year 4 month old who today wanted her nails painted.
Elle and her OPI choice
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