Sunday, 20 May 2012

Smashbox Luminizing Primer, Fresh Face To Full Face Review

When I signed up for email newsletters from Smashbox I got sent a sample of their Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer.
I tried it for the first time today and found it to be a curious product unlike any others I have tried.
Sooo, here is one of my "fresh face to full face" reviews.
In the tube it looked to be a very dark bronze coloured product with a strange consistency which intrigued me. once sqeezed out it seemed a little dry but upon blending became more of a velvety mousse.
Once applied it was VERY golden, leaving a really noticable shimmer on my skin. That will be the "luminizing" bit then! And subtle it isn't!
Bare faced:
Just the primer:
Full face of makeup:
Just the primer alone is extemely golden/bronze. It isn't in any way subtle and shimmers from every angle. However with a little powder over the top it was toned down to a welcome gradient of gold that I quite like.
This primer is listed on the Smashbox website as being suitable to wear alone or under foundation. To wear alone, I think I would have to be sun kissed in some tropical country where I can glisten in the sun. This primer just doesn't look like a natural effortless glow when applied alone but if mixed with a tinted moisturiser or foundation, I think this could be absolutely beautiful.

The texture was nice, with it being oil free it didn't feel greasy at all and had a really velvety smooth finish.
It didn't make any difference to the appearance of my pores but my skin did feel smoother.

This primer is £25 FOR 30ml and available here. Smashbox also offer free standard delivery and a free delux sample with each order which is great!
There are plenty of other primers from Smashbox including colour correcting and hydrating, you can see them all here.


  1. I'm waiting for mine to come...sounds like its more of a bronzer than a primer. I've got more medium tones skin so I finger crossed it will look ok on me. Cant wait to get it now! :-)

    1. Mix it in with another primer, or with your foundation and I suspect it will suit you! :) x

  2. Cool how do you sign up for a free sample?
    I haven't tried any smashbox primers before... Also, I think Debenhams has stopped stocking it, right?? Bummer!! :(

    1. By signing up to their newsletter as I recall. Or when you purchase you get a sample free. Smashbox have their own UK site now! :) x


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