Saturday, 8 June 2013

GlossyBox June 2013

Glossybox for June 2013
I think I am at the end of the road for Glossyboxes. The monthly excitement has gone and been replaced with resentment that I spend money on a random box of things I may not use, instead of buying one treat per month to the same value of £13... Or saving that money (save it?! Who am I trying to kid?!)

Q Fine Fragrance Body Spray
Can be used from top to toe to freshen up on the go.
The scent is really lovely and refreshing, and apparently lasts all day?
I will definitely use this (already popped it into my hospital bag) and it's really nice to see a new brand in my box that I haven't tried before. That being said, I can pick up a £2.30 body spray anywhere. 
Full size 100ml - £2.29
100ml in box

Paul Mitchell Curls Ultimate Wave and Full Circle Leave In Treatment
Urmmm, I have the straightest of straight hair. And I like it that way. Just as well really as any curls drop out within 20 minutes. So of course, Glossybox have sent me products for curly hair. I mean, I just can't even ?!?!
Unusable unfortunately. Might I add, although a great's a very repeated brand for Glossybox. Maybe Glossybox cater more for their new subscribers than their long standing ones these days?
Full sizes of these are 150ml and 200ml @ £11.95 and £14.95
15ml in box

Figs and Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm
I received the little pot version of Figs and Rouge in a previous Glossybox, and I thought it was ok but it went "off" quickly and I never really finished using it. This time in a squeeze tube with a very light pink sheen that is packed with glitter. Same scent as before which I'm not keen on.
Good thing about this brand is the 100% natural stamp it carries.
Full size is 12.5ml at £5
Full size in box

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi Purpose Dry Oil.
This is an exact repeat. I had this product in a Glossybox many moons ago and have reviewed the product on this blog.
I mean, Nuxe is a lovely brand, and I consider it luxury and high end. But I have tried it before thank you Glossybox. I want to see something new!
Full size 100ml for £34.00
10ml sample

Monu SPF15 Hydrating Moisturiser.
Lo and behold. Another brand that I have repeatedly received. Countless masks and washes have graced my Glossyboxes from Monu.
Again, it's a good brand, but, well, you know where I'm going with this.
Full size 50ml for £29.95
30ml sample

So all in all, I have five products and only one of them is a new brand to me.
I think it's time I left Glossybox to continue Impressing their newer subscribers, whilst us oldies move on.
I have a free box with Glossydot's that I have collected and then I'm done.


  1. Ive never had a glossy box due to the fact a lot of my beauty products end up in a draw! Lovely stuff but if you are not using them its a waste x

  2. I thought this was meant to be the Summer box? Xx

  3. I like this box or at least I thonk its one of the better boxes I have seen this month. Totally agree we are seeing the same brands repeated too often.

  4. just how, beneficial, about this same collect
    jeux de fille


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