Wednesday, 11 July 2012

L'Oreal Repair 10 BB Cream- Fresh Face To Full Face Review

Another BB cream on the market! I feel I am becoming quite the BB connoisseur of late!
 This time an anti-ageing number offering reduced wrinkles and firmer skin.
Now I am aware that I am 24, and I am aware I look about 16 (blessing or curse? I'm still undecided, especially when getting asked for ID for a scratch card!)
 This wasn't designed for me or aimed at me but I have been using anti-ageing products since around 20 years old. Prevention is better than cure!
Named "Repair 10" as it targets 10 signs of ageing. With lots of skin benefits too:

  1. Appearance of wrinkles is reduced
  2. Firmer feeling skin
  3. Covers imperfections
  4. Enhances skintone
  5. Skin surface appears even
  6. Skin feels smoother
  7. Complexion illuminating
  8. Hydrates for 24 hours
I have an oily T-zone so I had an inkling that this product for mature dry skin may not help me in the shine department. With mature skin in mind this should inject a lot of moisture into skin, and I feel that it does.
Bare face
Just the BB cream on my face
 On application it felt really light and moisturising. Thin enough to not feel "cakey" in any way. It didn't offer as much coverage as some BB's that I have tried. It did even out my skin tone somewhat but it wouldn't cover blemishes too well for me.
Full face
I went to work in the evening and had this on for around 11 hours. On catching myself in the mirror every now and then I think my skin looked fresh, even and smooth although I did have to powder my T-zone a few times to get rid of shine.
As suspected, It wasn't great for my skin so I think I am a few years off this product suiting me yet. But I think it's great to know that there is product out there that has addressed BB creams for a more mature skin and it's the first of it's kind that I have seen. If I had dry skin I can imagine this product working fantastically, giving dry skin the moisture it craves but offering coverage and skin benefits.
It has an SPF 20 which is a fairly good factor for a BB cream and definitely important for all ages.

You can get your free sample of this BB cream on the L'Oreal Paris UK Facebook page


  1. I Also experienced shine with this product... And it broke me out!!! Disappointing BB cream, for me. :(

  2. I thought this BB cream was ok. Problem is they only give out samples in medium which is waaaay too dark to me - made me look like I had a dirty face! It was very moisturisering though.


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