Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Glossybox July 2012

Glossybox came today and I can't help but notice that I don't await it's arrival with baited breath any more. I don't get that excited feeling and continual "come on! where is it?" thought running through my mind. It comes, I look, I blog and I leave the box sat for a week untouched and unloved. I also can't even muster up the energy to feel dissapointed when my box isn't as good as other peoples box. Just me?
Any way, here I am, blogging from my garden on my July Glossybox.
I avoided all spoilers except for the knowledge that some boxes had HD palettes, the same as the one I received in my first ever box way back in September.
Just a side note here, but there have been a few running months boxes where selected people got HD items and others didn't. Why not put all these items together that they have scattered across previous months and send them out so that everybody got a HD item one month? 
I guess we will never understand the workings of Glossybox HQ.
This months box is festival themed, with festival survival items.
 Firstly a perfume sample.
Bex London. Londoner Urban Fragrance. Four different scents were sent out and mine is the EC2.
Described as contemporary and urban. I will give it that! EC2 is extremely masculine and modern. Not at all right for a girly floral kinda gal like me. So masculin is this scent that I have to wonder if I know any female that could rock it without feeling the need to look at Auto Trader and grow a beard?
Pricey at £81.00 for 100ml
2ml sample size. Worth £1.62
Next up is a Lip gloss.
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting.
Irish Cream Pavlova flavour. Smells nice but very "sythetic and man made"
This seems like it is aimed at a younger audience and would be adored by my 13 year old sister.
I first saw Jelly Pong Pong at the Britains Next Top Model show in October and tried a few items that I wasn't too impressed with.
Meant for lips and cheeks but it lacks the colour pay off for cheeks as well as being to greasy to stay put.
£10 for 15ml and this is a full size product.
The next item is a repeat from Glossybox.
Nuxe. Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil.
I received this in a Glossybox before and swapped it over on the Beauty Box Swaps page on Facebook.
The scent is light and not overpowering and the oil itself a nice product that feels high end.
I have a review of this oil here.
£17.50 for 50ml
10ml sample making this £3.50*
*This maths may be completely wrong! I have an "artistic mind" and maths baffles me!
Product number 4 is my one exciting item. The one item which saved this box for me!
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist.
I absolutely loved my Paul Mitchell Skinny Balm that came in a previous Glossybox. It worked a treat on my hair!
Although the brand is another repeat for Glossybox, I don't happen to mind as these products work for me.
Not just for hair but body too! "Giving thirsty skin and hair the moisture they crave"
My hair ends are rather dry of late as my hair seems to have gotten too comfy with my L'Oreal Mythic oil and it's not doing as good of a job as it did previously.
It smells light and fresh with no particular strong scent, probably as fragrance can tend to be drying to hair.
Really looking forward to using this and it's a really good sample size too!
Full size £9.35 for 300ml
Sample of 100ml worth £3.11 (?I Think?)
The last product.
Monu Night Renewal Complex.
As a beauty blogger I am ashamed to say that I am not really into skin care. I use moisturiser once a day and don't really give night creams any thought. And to be honest, I don't know if I can be bothered.
Despite Monu being another repeated brand for Glossy it is a really nice and high end brand with skincare that from what I have tried, does actually work.
This is designed to smooth and firm skin.
£36.95 for 50ml
A sample size of 20ml making it £14.60
We were given a bonus free item this month!
Which were 3 sample sachets of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Skincare.
An exfoliating cleanser, an optimizing skin serum and skin balancing lotion SPF 15.
With the exception of the Paul Mitchel, This box is in my "to swap or give away" box of ever growing products.
I shall continue my subscription as I don't want that envious "I'm missing out" feeling.
What did you get in this moths Glossybox?


  1. I got the same box as you :/ so dissapointed about how rubbish mine is compared to others

  2. I got the same as you but I am really pleased with it actually. I am really into my skin care and haircare so it is right up my street. I would have loved the HD palette but what can you do, eh?

    I have started noticing something that is erking me off a bit. All the major youtubers and bloggers have the best glossy boxes every single time. I hope this isn't intentional by Glossybox :[


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