Sunday, 8 July 2012

London Trip Courtesy Of Revlon

I entered a competion on the Revlon Facebook page for their new photoready line of makeup. I didn't know what the prize was, just uploaded my photo along with my tip for how to take a great photo and left it at that. I didn't really give it a second thought until I received a phone call telling me I had won a Revlon competion I had entered. Amazing!
So off to London I skipped, best friend in tow.
Revlon arranged for us to travel to London by train and we arrived for our overnight stay at the Cumberland hotel, situated on Oxford street right opposite Marble Arch and Hyde Park!
The hotel itself was lovely with strange blue/green/lilac lighting and even stranger art in the lobby!
We left our bags with the concierge and headed out onto Oxford street for some shopping!
For my London haul see my previous post here!
We jumped on the tube with our pre-paid by Revlon tube tickets (they really had thought of everything!) and headed to Brompton road for Harrods! I had been given a heads up of some very special french macaroons by the name of Laduree that are nestled inside the famous Harrods store.
I actually got told "NO PICTURES!" as I hovered my iPhone above the macarrons to catch a picture. The reason to the 'no photo's' rule still remains a mystery to me but I took them anyway, all in the name of blogging! Haha!
The whole Lauduree room was the most beautiful luxurious room I have ever seen. Brimming with Parisian beauty, marble counter tops, stunning art and an ambiance of class.
£14.40 for 8 macaroons encased in boxes illustrated with vintage pictures and tied with a ribbon of your choice.
Harrods itself was bustling with people more so than usual I should think as the beauty hall was holding a rather impressive sale! The food hall was home to the most spectacular foods and the perfumery held a world of crystal bottles and exclusive scents.
After Harrods we travelled back to Marble Arch and took a stroll through Hyde park in the afternoon sun.

We took a walk to the 7/7 memorial which, so close to the anniversary, was a bit emotional. We walked down to the Serpentine where a few people were out on pedalo's and small rowing boats making it look very picturesque. Past the old police house and through the beautiful rose garden which was in full bloom!
We then went to dinner at Prezzo which was right opposite the Cumberland.
In bed by 8:30pm...Because that's how we roll! (and it had been a long day, honest!)

The next morning Anna and I went down to breakfast before heading back to hotel room and waited for the lovely Angela from a company called Holla who was looking after us for Revlon, a makeup artist and a photographer.
I thought it may be a little awkward to spend the day with two people I had never met but Angela and the photographer Sarah, couldn't have been nicer and we spent the day chatting and laughing!
All the makeup used was Revlon and I was given the entire kit once the makeup artist had finished with my look! I was really overwhelmed by this as I had no idea I would receive any makeup! Happy happy!
Firstly we headed to the London Eye where we had a champagne carriage which was brilliant! There was a tour guide in the pod with us who really loved his job...not! It was hilarious cracking jokes that he found less than amusing! I don't know why he didn't find me funny, I think I'm a comic genius ;-)
Anna and I
A car came and picked us up and took us to a restaurant called Sketch for lunch.
The decor was stunning, unlike anything I had ever seen. The walls were collaged to look like a forest and I wouldn't be suprised if I had an open mouthed dumbfounded look on my face the entire time!

The menu had a small selction of decadent dishes and it seemed impossible to choose a dish!
The cocktails were something spectacular! I chose the "Let's talk about passion" which had fresh passionfruit and raspberries with pineapple, lime and the best bit...Gin!
The bread was served in baskets made of lego and the ketchup was made with beetroot and carrot, something I'm hoping Anna can recreate in her own kitchen!
I wouldn't normally talk about the toilets, but I must! After being enveloped in this amazing atmosphere for lunch, I walked through into a bright white room, with a rainbow coloured ceiling and sci-fi inspired pods! Each individual white egg shaped pod was a toilet!
After the decadent lunch we headed across town to the Tower of London.
We walked through the surreal suroundings of an old village which behind the walls lies modern London! 
We saw the Crown Jewels where a 'no photo's' rule was being enforced by someone much scarier than the lady in Laduree, so this time I daren't show my defiant side and sneak a pic! The jewels were pretty spectacular though, with diamonds as big as my fist!
We walked through the white tower where we saw King Henry VIII suits of armour and an execution block! I love history, as does Anna so we put our nerd heads on!

After the Tower of London the car came to pick us up again and we went to Selfridges on Oxford street. I thought we were just going in to look around but once inside Angela told me I had £100 to spend as a gift from Revlon. I was blown away and had no idea that I would be given such a gift! After milling around the store for a while I settled on a Wild Bluebell Jo Malone Cologne and A NARS blush.
We then went to dinner at Kettners on Romilly street, Soho. It was exrememly elegant and beautiful, vintage inspired and an air of Parisian chic about it. We ordered cocktails and ate amazing food in the most gorgeous surroundings!
At the end of dinner it was 8pm and time to catch a train back to reality!
Anna and I had the most amazing time and I am super grateful for the amazing trip I was given by Revlon!
They thought of everything and covered all bases to make sure my trip was as spectacular as it could have been! Angela was absolutely brilliant and so easy to get along with which made a world of difference to the whole trip. Anna got married yesterday so this was like her unofficial hen do!
Thank you Revlon!
Join Revlon's Facebook page here and it could be you winning their next competition!


  1. It looks like you had such an amazing time! x

  2. what an amazing prize - well done! Seems like you had a lot of fun x

  3. wow its like a dream!! xx

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