Monday, 11 June 2012

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara For Glamour Magazine

If you don't know that Glamour magazine are giving away Benefit samples with their £2 July issue (out in June) then get yourself down to Asda and pick one up...or five! You can choose from That Gal Primer, Porefessional Primer or Bad Gal Mascara.
I got the Bad Gal and the That Gal for £4, and the magazine is my favourite to read, so perfect!
Here is the mascara and my lashes Au naturale.
I applied one coat to my lashes and found it to be really lengthening and separating, getting inbetween every lash.

Then two coats:
The second coat didn't make too much extra difference. Just a little extra volume.
This mascara is brilliant for me. I love the huge bristle brush that gets in amongst my lashes and coats them naturally. I hate clumpy lashes that stick together but the thickness of the brush stops any kind of clumping and leaves the lashes perfectly separated.
My lashes haven't looked quite this long in quite some time. I didn't use any eyelash curlers but didn't really feel I needed to. Bad Gal did such a good job at flicking my lashes upwards and outwards, and holding the curl all day.

My only problem with this mascara is that I get quite a lot of "transfer" under my eye's throughout the day, leaving me with black smudges under my eye's.

You can try this mascara for £2 with Glamour otherwise it's £16.50 from the Benefit website here. Also available in the colours brown and plum.

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