Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

June Glossybox arrived this morning (along with the male Glossybox, post on that to follow after this one)
 I had even managed to avoid this months spoilers!
I find my Glossybox loses it's exciting sparkle if I know what I expect to be in the box. Sometimes though it can be near on impossible to steer clear of spoilers.

So what was in my little monthly pink box?
Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick.
What a mouthful! Concealer basically. Camouflage makeup for minor to severe skin flaws, spots and blemishes. I don't have problem skin, and I dont like to wear heavy makeup so I'm not sure if this is for me. I way give it a little go.
£19.00 for the full size 12g stick. 6g sample.

BM Beaty Summer Warmth Bronzer.
I'm not a fan of mineral makeup as I am messy enough as it is, never mind adding loose pigment into the mix.
I will try it out as I have heard BM Beauty is a good brand, not to be confused with Bare Minerals.
£8.00 for a full size 4g product. 1g sample

Mememe Nail Gloss.
In the peachy colour Sensuous. I have been looking for an "interview appropriate" nail colour and I am a fan of Mememe's nail varnish formula. It applies well and lasts a while.
£4.50 for a fullsize 12ml bottle. 5ml sample.

Caudalie Eaux Fraiches
A generous 10ml sample in a gorgeous skinny glass bottle with spray application.
The scent is very strong on first application but soon adjust and becomes a light fresh fragrance. I really like this and I am impressed.
£26.00 for a 50ml bottle. 10ml sample

Glossybox Serie Excliv Pro Beauty Brush.
Natural goat hair...OK. I don't like the thought of animal hair on my face, the same as I don't like the thought of other peoples human hair around my neck in the way of extensions. I choose to use man made brushes but that is just my personal preference.
RRP of £15.

Over all this box is OK. I don't love it  but I will make use of a couple of the products which is the gamble with Glossybox.
I really do wish that there wasn't such a variance in the boxes. Glossybox have a lot of subscribers now, maybe too many to be able to give out the same samples to everyone?
If they are including HD Brows products for example, Then everyone should get something from HD Brows, with just the product differing and not the entire brand.

What did you get in your Glossybox this month?


  1. I got this box and I was quite happy with it. Sure its not very exciting but it was geared to summer and had decent sized samples. I agree a bit with HD brow thing but you know i did look at those tweezers and thought they were massively over priced.. i doubt they are as good as my tweezerman tweezers so not too miffed but would have be more satisfied receiving something of similar value. I got the nail polish instead which isn't even the fullsize (and the fs isn't exactly expensive).Got to say though the formular isn't great anyway. It streaky and takes at least 5 coats to get it even and covered but that isn't glossybox's fault!

  2. Fab post!!
    Which cauldalie fragrance did u get ?
    Your right it's not fair really that the value of each box differs so much xx

    1. Thank you!
      I got the yellow one, quite interested to smell the other ones now!
      We all pay the same, so why should we get different values?? x

  3. the caudalie fragrance looks nice and decent size but I agree so unfair to differ the boxes x

    1. The Caudalie is a lovely sample, really expensive feeling. I'm just getting fed up of feeling jealous and confused why My items are less than other peoples when we all pay the same? x

  4. Mine was shit! I had the mini perfume samples, mini mascara, the bronzer u have, the brush, the foundation thing.

    I doubt my box even totalled to 10 pounds.

    I am giving it one more chance before I unsubscribe for good

    1. Sucks when you get the "duff" box.

      I am starting to be less interested and excited about my box nowa days. I can't help but wonder if I should cancel and each month buy myself a little treat? x


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