Thursday, 14 June 2012

Liz Earle Colour Sheer Skin Tint. Fresh Face To Full Face Review

The new Liz Earle Colour makeup is really exciting. It is right up my street as it is made to be quick and easy to apply, light to wear and look natural.
I tried a sample sachet of the Sheer Skin Tint in the lightest colour- Bare 01 for fair skin tones.
The colour is extemely light. Which will come as great news to those Snow White esque types who find that with most companies, even the lightest of skin shades they offer never quite seems light enough.
I was worried it would be a little light for me but it actually blended in perfectly.
The texture is quite thick and creamy but still really lightweight and fresh feeling on the skin. It's more BB cream thickness than a liquid foundation.
Bare face:
 The skin tint applied with my Real Techniques buffing brush:
 This skin tint has a reasonable SPF of 15 and also UV protection which is great news for keeping your skin looking youthful. (SPF protects against burning and UV protection fights against sun ageing on the skin)
Full face:
 This makeup has given a natural healthy looking skin. Liz Earle say's that this makeup was made to enhance rather than mask your skin and I totally agree. If you were looking for a heavy, noticable makeup then I wouldn't say this is for you.

I wanted to show the "wear time" of this makeup, so below is a picture 8 hours after I applied.
Sorry for the artificial lighting but I had lost all natural light due to it being, you know, night time.
The wear was great. With no patchiness, still looking natural and even. I was really impressed, more so than I have been with a face product in some time. There was no need for any touch-up's throughout the day which is something new to me as I always find myself needing to touch up! I have been looking for a natural look that I am comfortable with for some time and I felt confident today when wearing this.

At £21 for 40ml I can see this as an affordable great product that isn't completely out of reach price wise like some brands.
The only problem I can see is that the swatches for picking your shade on the Liz Earle website were not true to colour. 01 seems really quite dark on screen but as mentioned above, it's actually really light. Maybe it's just my computer screen settings though?
I checked out the Liz Earle makeup range in store of John Lewis, view Liz Earle at John Lewis here. Visit the Liz Earle website here to see the  full range, colour story and "how to" videos on using the new products.


  1. fabbbby post, and how amazing do you look without eye make up, jellllooo!

    1. Thanks Fern! I look about 12 years old without eye makeup! haha! x

  2. This looks great on your skin xx

  3. I absolutely love it, but I can't STAND the smell! I wonder why they don't make it smell a bit nicer? Looks great on you by the way x

    1. Now that you mention it, the smell wasn't great. Maybe they did't want to perfume it to leave it as natural as possible? x


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