Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Benefit Lip And Cheek Kit's - Feelin' Dandy

Benefit have released some absolutely amazing set's and kit's recently. All of which are absolutely amazing value for money, beyond pretty and a great way to try products before you go ahead and buy full size.
I have one of their Lip and Cheek Kit's, mine being in the Feelin' Dandy colour/version.

Feelin' Dandy is for us Snow White/ English Rose types that soft and gentle pinks look great on. So we can say "I'm pale...And I like it!" (Please tell me someone out there gets my Joey Tribiani reference?!)

Posie Tint, High Beam, Dandelion Blush (with the cutest mini blush brush) and a Dandelion  lip gloss complete with tips and a mirror all encased in a re-useable keepsake box.
This kit would be amazing for those just starting out with makeup, those who like to keep it natural and light or those who are so beauty obsessed they need anything new/pretty on the scene... No prizes for guessing which I am...
At only£24.50 it makes a great present (think Christmas my friends!)
I am really pleased with the price of this kit as it feels like extremely good value for money!

The tip's inside are great for inspiration if you are stuck in a beauty rut or a real helping hand for those just getting into makeup or new to liquid tints and highlighters.
With the mirror and small compact size this could be great for travleling. The tray is removable making a really pretty keepsake box for jewellery or other bits and bobs.

Two other colour variations are available. Sugarlicious and Go TropiCORAL.
Sugarlicious is a nude kit fot a natural glow, suiting a wide range of skin tones.
Tropicoral may be better suited to those damn sexy tanned types with sunkissed complexions that glisten in the sun...Jealous? Me?
Pick one up for £24.50 from Benefit here


  1. I love these wee kits! But the only thing that's missing from Benefits Xmas collection this year are the blush trios! :( sad to see they haven't brought one out this year, but maybe these sets are the replacements xx


    1. They are brill aren't they! Beauty brands are fab around xmas! Blush Trio's? I want oneee! lol! x

  2. Benefit is my absolute fave. These kits are on my crimbo list! xx


    1. I'm accidentally getting more and more in love with Benefit! I wouldn't mind the Sugar Bomb one for xmas! x


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