Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birchbox - January 2013

The New York based brand Birchbox recently took over Joliebox and January see's the first box of beauty offering's since the change.
I saw a sneak peek of a product that was to be included in the first Birchbox and was instantly sold as it's a product I have been dying to try. Pushed into purchase by cunning sales techniques. Well played Birchbox!

So here it is!
In the same style pull string bag that we saw with Joliebox but hot pink, encased in an upcycled style cardboard box.

Fresh - Sugar Rose Tinted lip Treatment
The product I have wanted to try for sooo long! Not easy to get hold of in the UK, although there is a Fresh store in London.
A lip treatment that softens, protects and smooths with SPF 15 thrown in for good measure.
£15.50 for a full size balm

Reverence De Bastein - Nail and Cuticle Cream
Vitimin rich product to condition skin and promote strong, healthy nails.
Smell's Blinking amaing! like fresh Raspberries!
Great for winter hands and nails to get summer ready.
£15.50 for the full size product

KMS California - Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray.
It takes me roughly 2-3 minutes to blow dry my hair. It's that thin and fine that I can still have the same song playing on my iTunes from start to finish of drying my hair. So that being said, I doubt I will use this product at all, I would have loved to try something for Volume or texture
C'est La Vie
£13.50 for full size

Wei - White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend
Visibly diminishes crow's feet, lines and wrinkles.
I am perhaps a little young but prevention is better than cure and all that jazz.
£60 for the full size

Teapigs - Superfruit Tea
Caffeine free, antioxidant boosting fruit pieces encased in a "tea temple"
after a life time of saying "I don't drink tea" I am indeed coming round to trying the odd cup of herbal goodness. Especially when brewed from a "tea temple"
£3.99 for a pack of 15

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