Saturday, 19 January 2013

China Glaze - Pool Party

Screw you winter. Screw your grey skies, bare tree's and lack of colour.
Even more less colour now the snow blanket has descended. 
I'm adding a splash of pink neon to the season of plum's, brown's and navy blue's.
Urghh I'm just sick of neutrals!

Although this post seem's rather pointless because in true neon fashion, I could not get a photo even remotely similar to how it really looks. Pointless. And annoying.

Pool Party by China Glaze came into my life just last weekend, courtesy of a group of my beauty crazed friends getting together and bringing *or rather dragging* with us all our spare beauty products to swap.
I couldn't leave it sat in my drawer 'til summer!

The brightest of bright pink's that goes on opaque in two coats. It does of course, in true neon polish fashion, dry matte and need a good high shine top coat. Drying time is almost instant which is handy.
It's showing up infuriatingly orange in the pictures but it's really not! 

Once I get a slightly less milky complexion and start bringing out the flip flop's this will look gorgeous on my toe's!


  1. I love China Glaze and its a gorgeous neon colour. Like how you pictured it :D, xoxo.

    1. I only have three China Glaze but I love them! Haha thanks, thought I might as well make the most of the snow lol! Xx


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