Tuesday, 15 January 2013

L'Oreal Infallible 892 Amber Rush

The perks of having a friend that makes you jealous and jet's off to New York before Christmas...There aren't many perks. Just one really. The promise of America exclusive goodies.
Here is one little gem, added lovingly to my collection.
L'Oreal Infallible pressed pigment eyeshadow in Amber Rush.

This gorgeous Rose Gold eyeshadow wasn't one of the shades that made it to the UK, no idea why?! It would no doubt be a sell out over here with all the rose gold buzz that's going on right now!
'Tis the first pressed pigment I have tried, and well, It 'aint too shabby!
None of the unbareable mess of a pigment yet packing all the punch of colour pay off.

The swatches hopefully give you a good idea of the colour pigment and how gorgeous it is. I went ligfhtly with it on my eyes and blended it out, so I can vouch for it being easy to wear.

Wear time was great, it didn't budge at all and I had no creasing (worn with e.l.f eye primer) I stayed out until 10pm like a hooligan (it's a rockstar kinda life I lead) so it had at least a few good hours to crease if it had wanted to.
The other colours in the range that did make it over here are available from Boots for £6.99
Or just send a friend to New York. Cost effective.


  1. This is gorgeous. I am a big fan of these shadows but I dont have this one....maybe after the ban I will add it to my collection :-) xx

    1. Gracie I'd love to see your makeup collection! Bet it's huge! Still space for this little beaut though ;) xx

  2. So glad we got our mitts on this one!! There's so many gorgeous shades in America that we can't get over here sucks!!xx

    1. Lucky us!! Cheers Sar! Lol. Damn Americans get all the good stuff ;) xx


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