Tuesday, 15 January 2013

GlossyBox January 2013

Glossybox January is a little Detox number for all the party animals out there. I got on the orange juice hard and fast over Christmas, I know, Living the party life!

Elemis Fresh Skin - Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator
I have this in full size and reviewed it a while ago here
I hope GlossyBox took people's beauty profiles as Elemis say on their website that this is a "Teen's to 20's product" so anyone specifying more mature skin may be disappointed with this.
It is a lovely product though and I adore the fresh orange scent it has.
An affordable £12.00 for 100ml
30ml sample

Monu - Aromatic Mask
 A mask that heats up to gently warm the face thus increasing vitamin and mineral absorption.
Smell's strongly of aromatherapy essential oils, Lavender in-particular
£24.95 for 100ml
30ml sample

Duck Island - Mandarin and Bergamot Body Lotion
Not a brand I have come across before.
Paraben free products that capture the Eastern Culture.
£24.95 for x2 250ml bottles
30ml sample

Premae Skincare - Balance Rescue Face Tonique
Another new brand for me. Excited to try this as it claims that it mattifies and rejuvenates congested skin. I'm getting spots all over the show lately, oh yeah, just another "glowing pregnancy joy"
It also contains no alcohol, which so many toners seem to rely on and leave your skin parched and tight.
£27.50 for 50ml
30ml sample

Jason - Lips Bee Healthier
Jason is apparently not some random blokey, it means Healer in Greek, who knew aye!
All natural aloe and beeswax. Maybe I'm crazy but I think it tastes like mint chocolate?! although nowhere printed on it is any hint to the fact it should taste chocolatey. Or indeed minty. Interesting.
Great for keeping bedside to apply before bed.
£1.99 for 4.5g
Full size

Then GlossyBox, the little lovelies, treated us all to a pink GlossyBox branded eye mask.
I like the little GlossyBox brand extra's they put in every now and then. They can slip another compact mirror into my next box if they like ;-)


  1. This is what I got :) trying to see what else people got, I want to see what the others were moaning about!


    1. One of the boxes was completely different, nothing but the eye mask was the same! I've seen one with a Paul Mitchel conditioner and others got a perfume simple and sanctuary sachets!

  2. Just done my glossybox post. Am loving the detox theme very much and chuffed with my skincare treats! x

    1. Glad you liked your box! I'm not really in need of a detox but I bet loads are after the festive period haha! X

  3. I've tried the Monu aromatic mask and It made my skin super soft! thing is it left a crazy oily residue over my skin which maby isn't so good for oily skin. The Elemis scrub however is fantastic.

    Clare x

    1. Might give the Monu a go today then! Thanks :) x


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