Friday, 27 January 2012

Soap and Glory Bandwagon

Being an avid beauty blog reader and beauty guru Youtube watcher, it becomes apparent that there always seems to be a brand or product that gets raved about enormously. It catches on like chicken pox and soon everyone has the bug, itching to get their hands on said product. Take Benefit they're real for example, or Soap and Glory.

This post just happens to be about Soap and Glory. I heard endless things on Youtube about the brand so I 'liked' their facebook page. I then saw what seemed like at least 100 people post and comment on their wall each day about how Soap and Glory has saved their life. A touch dramatic but it had the desired effect on me because before I knew what was happening, I found myself buying a 'Big Splendour' on Ebay. Chocca block with amazing product after amazing product, Pulp Friction for example, I truely love!
But, I came across a product I hate. I give you...
The Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss. Hmmmm very clever name, inspired even! (Naming the products is something S&G really have down to a tea!) This product is sticky BEYOND BELIEF! It is so thick that I can't even swipe the wand across my lip. The "lip enhancing" tingle you get is damn annoying to the point where I can't concentrate on anything but my lip's. We all know how horrid it is when your hair gets stuck to your lipgloss, but when it sticks to this gloss inparticular, my hair then becomes unbelievably sticky until I rinse it off! Crazy for a working mum, or anyone really!
So whilst I find myself nodding along over enthusiastically and joining in raving about S&G with what seems like every woman in the uk, Sexy Mother Pucker needs to puck off.
What do you think of S&G and Sexy Mother Pucker?
You can find S&G online here


  1. I love this (: I followed! Follow back?

    1. Thanks so much, i wasn't sure how a post about a "bad" S&G product would come across, thanks :)


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