Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Always on the search for new app's for my beloved iPhone, I found the Etsy app. (I'm a lover of all things home made and a definite lover of a free app!)
I then got to searching through the pages and pages of inspired creations by various fellow crafting enthusiasts. I stumbled upon a cosmetic company that I had previously read a post about on the lipglossiping blog (A spot of bedtime reading I have become addicted to)

So the deal is that you can choose from a vast amout of colours, and have "sample baggies" sent to you to try before you buy. I purchased 5 sample baggies for $5.00, im not about to work out what that is in pounds, I did cry in my maths GCSE, right there in the sports hall. Lets not put me back there by trying to work out pounds to dollars. (Maybe there's an app for that!) The point is, its a good deal!

7 sample baggies
  I did infact recieve 7 sample baggies, two extra chucked in! (Now thats maths i can do!) They all came as pictured above with their names, a list of ingedients and the word vegan, which im sure for some is handy to know. Not me however, i'll slap anything on my face for the chance of beauty!

Sailor Pluto is a fresh bright green with great pigmentation, perfect for a bright summers day makeup look.
Pannier swatched to be a lovely shimmery taupe brown colour, great for neutral eye lovers like myself.
Millennium Falcon is a silver/grey which applies very smoothly and shines brilliantly under sunlight.
Archduches has tones of purple which come through a shimmery grey perfectly.
The Fett was the one i was most excited about, and it didn't let me down! a gorgeous deep lilac that would give a lovely smokey eye some colour dimension.
Luna is a black with golden particles that shine, perfect for a party night time eye!
Desert Eagle was unlike the others, a glitter rather than mineral powder, it shines with gold and silver but definitely needs a product to stick it to the skin, im yet to work out what to use. That being said it is beautiful.
    So a lovely little Etsy find and one you should give a whirl.
Find it here


  1. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

    1. Thanks ever so much Laura, I will have to check out your blog :) x


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