Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nail polish jewellery- How to

I found something called "nail polish jewellery" It was on the internet, as everything is nowa days. Basically it's your favourite nail polish colours captured beautifully behind glass,
to wear here there and everywhere at your leisure. I make this point because I can't wear nail polish at my leisure, due to my job. So this to me seemed like a compromise between my love of shiny fingers and my boss's love of making me remove my lovingly applied polish (once I had to scrape it off my nails with a knife...I know, I know!)
OPI- Warm and Fozzie. Deborah Lippmann- Razzle Dazzle
I looked at the pieces on the internet, and thought "I can make those!" So I set about an ebay hunt for the glass, which I learnt are called 'cabochons' they come in lots of sizes, mine are 8mm by 10mm.
Then you need to buy the ring findings in a size that matches your cabochon. I got mine from here and would highly recomend them as i wear my rings alot and these havn't tarnished or turned my skin green.
As pictured you will need some superglue, a nail polish of your choosing, (duo chromes work fantastically with this project!) a cabochon, a ring finding and a small amount of cellotape.
Firstly stick your cabochon dome side down onto a surface with the cellotape so you can paint the flat side without it sliding around. Give it two or three coats, letting the polish dry completely between coats.
When your cabochon is completely dry, apply a small amout of glue to your ring finding, and press the cabochon into it. When this has dried, that's it, you're done. Wear it with pride and any time anyone compliments it, tell them you made it, you are after all, a natural born creative genius!

In true Blue Peter stylee, here's some i made earlier...

From left to right, top to bottom the colours used are:
Creative- make a wish. Max Factor- Gilded Ruby. Deborah Lippmann- Razzle Dazzle. OPI- Exuse Moi!
OPI- Warm and Fozzie. China Glaze- Fuchsia Seduction. Creative Hotski to Tchotchke.
OPI- Designer de Better. Creative- Breathless.
And here is the one I made for this how to post. Nails inc. piccadilly circus. hope you like it!
P.s If the superglue is still wet and has squidged out the sides a bit...DO NOT run hands through hair for some kind of dramatic looking down picture to showcase the ring, just saying...


  1. That sooo coool!! must try this! great blog! xx

    1. I'm sure you have more than enough nail polishes to make a whole bunch Nardine ;) Thanks to BBS haha! xx


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