Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Excuse Moi! Your only 2!

So my first post is to be about a certain two year old called Elle. On finding out I was having a girl, I was filled with the very overwhelming urge to buy all things pink and flowery. (Then of course filled with worry and dread about what would be her teenage years!) At the moment though, she isn't a teenager, but rather a two year 4 month old who today wanted her nails painted.
Elle and her OPI choice
The sound of my makeup drawer opening is usually enough to send her bounding into my bedroom as she asks excitedly to "dip-dip" whilst enthusiastically clutching a makeup brush (or five!) Although what really gets her squealing with joy is my rather modest nail varnish collection. She paws through them, lining them up and picking out the colours she likes. All extremely cute!
OPI Muppets Excuse Moi!

So today when Elle exclaimed that she wanted her nails painted, OPI Muppets Exuse Moi! classped in her chubby (always slightly clammy) hand, I couldn't resist! She seemed to enjoy it, and is a chattering monkey on all things nails since I painted them. To me, mummy daughter bonding at its cutest.

Very sylish chubby fingers


  1. Too CUTE. I think this is the best NOTD I've ever seen :-) xxx

    1. Thank you so much Hannah, glad you liked my first blog post :D xx

  2. Replies
    1. LOL, cute indeed but she's a monster really ;) Thanks Marvelle x


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