Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Myth behind the Oil

L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Mythic Oil- The most wonderous product I have stumbled across for a very long time! If I had been told a year ago that I would soon be religiously applying oil to my hair after every wash, I would have susspected you might be one of those tree hugging, tofu eating hippies. You see I strive for voluminous hair that screams "Cheryl Cole eat your heart out, it's because I'M WORTH IT!" Sadly I was given fine, limp, lifeless hair. So I stopped using conditioner as I felt it was making my hair lie even flatter and too silky to do anything with. This then of course led, to dry brittle end's. One just cant win!

Enter Mythic Oil... Two pumps of this golden liquid in my hand, rubbed through the mid lengths and end's of my damp towel dried hair, followed by a quick run over with my hair dryer leaves me with the silkiest, light weight hair that isn't at all weighed down. I do still struggle with volume, but that's not what this product is for. It also helps to cure the terrible static I get through my hair which makes me look like cousin IT as my hair clings to my face and neck.

I recieved my first bottle of Mythic Oil in the amazing September GLOSSYBOX and i'm not even half way through the bottle! I also have a spare waiting for it's inevitable use.
Here is what L'OREAL have to say on their Mythic Oil- Mythic Oil
The Oil retails for around the £12 mark. You can get it here on the feel unique website for £11.95 with free delivery.
Have you tried the Mythic Oil? Do you love it?


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    1. :) have you tried any other oil? Like the morocan oil? X


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