Monday, 30 January 2012

GLOSSYBOX January Valentines edition

So it's that GLOSSY time of the month,
later than usual, but with this kind of time of the month it's not a cause for concern ;-) Another brilliant box that I love and with all the products guaranteed to be used, how could it get better?! This month was valentine themed and the pink box is a keeper for sure!

I read that there were four differing boxes that went out this month. So what was in mine?

Eyeko skinny eyeliner, mine in Emerald Green. It's a lovely, bright, eye popping colour with slight shimmer.
Clarins extra firming night cream. I've been thinking i should start using a night cream, so what better brand to start with than Clarins?
Clarins extra firming day cream. Hand in hand with the night cream it will be nice to see them work together on my skin.
Fab gentle body wash. This has no particular smell and is really hard to sqeeze from the tough bottle. A brand i've been wanting to try never the less.
Murad skin perfecting primer. I am really excited about this product. I see Murad as a higher end brand and with primers being a big deal this year i'm excited for this one.

Also un-pictured was an adorable GLOSSYBOX sweet. My two year old whipped it out the box so quickly that it went undetected until I heard the rustling of Elle trying to open said sweet.
What came in your box? Happy with the contents? The pink box? I personally loved usual!


  1. Nice box - I got a different version but I'm happy with what I got... products suit me! :)

    1. hey alex, do you have a blog post on what you got in yours? :)

  2. I had the same box as you but my eyeliner was blue

    1. A blue one would have been better i think as i got the green 'Moray' eyeliner from Stilla ina previous box.


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