Friday, 15 February 2013

Coming Soon From Models Own

Models Own are soon to release another new collection. Moving onwards from the beautiful frosty Winter Wonderland collection to summer set Neon's.
There is something different about these though...

They will be in special frosted bottles that are designed to be kept in the fridge.This apparently protects the super bright neon colours from fading, who knew?!
Being released in the Westfields BottleShop from March 9th
Online for pre-order from March 1st (delivery date March 20th)
In store at Boots from March 22nd (Will the Models Own stands in store now have a little fridge for these?!)

Super excited for summer, bright nails, ice cream and sunshine!


  1. Love models own so much! I love your blog hun check mine out and follow me if u like what u see ;-)

    1. Models own are great for polishes but I havent tried any of their other cosmetics. Thanks for the comment :-) x


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