Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nail Polish Storage Idea

If you keep your nail polish in a drawer like I do, then you will be more than familiar with the annoying ritual of picking up endless bottles looking for the colour you want. Especially if you own Nails Inc polishes. You can't see the colour until you pick the bottle out.

You will need...
Some scissors and some sticky labels.
If you want to get all fancy and OCD about it, you can use the sticky labels that are pre-cut into perfect circles. I didn't have any of those but I'm a creative gal with an afternoon to kill so I made it work.
Swatch each polish in turn on the sticky label (I double coated to get the true colour of each polish) until you have something rainbow like...
 Then cut them into circles, peel off the backing and apply to the top of each polish lid.
It might take me a while to label them all but an afternoon or two alone with my polishes is OK by me!


  1. Really good idea here - you have a fair few nail polishes there! xx

    1. Just a few ;-)I'm going to have to stop buying them soon, running out of space! x

  2. Gosh that is organised!! xx


    1. Or I'm just really bored ;-) haha x

  3. absolutely brilliant - I'm going to do this at the weekend to mine! xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Every now and then I have a good idea lol x


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