Monday, 27 August 2012

Estelle And Thild Lip Balm Review

I recieved the Estelle And Thild Lip Balm in my ever talked about Selfridges box and it's a little beaut of a product!
Dressed in simple pretty packaging and a pale yellow tint to the product. I thought it would be a little "bog standard" and nothing too special.
Ahhh don't you just love having to say you were wrong?!
Amazingly flavoured with raspberry, so good it's a struggle not to lick it off my lip's straight away!
Estelle and Thild are a Swedish brand who promise to provide you with products you can trust, using only high quality, organic ingredients that protect your skin's natural balance.
It goes on incredibly smoothly and a little goes a long way!
Thankfully lacking that greasy or sticky feel but coating the lips just enough to give a subtle, natural sheen.
Packed with vitimins that get to work nourishing and replenishing moisture whilst protecting.
I have been using this every morning over the top of Benetint and I love the natural look it gives. It is available in two other shades of pink if you were to want something with a little colour which is what I will probably do when I repurchase this in the future.
A little piece of organic, pretty, feel good makeup!
I found it for £14 here!

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