Saturday, 18 August 2012

NARS Gilda Blush

My first NARS purchase. I know. Exciting stuff.
Nars Gilda blush. It's a matte, burnt orange, red tinged coral. And sadly, maybe not right for my skin tone? Arghhh!
I was rushed in the Selfridges store and didn't want to keep people waiting so I picked Gilda on a whim and now I wish I had chosen differently.
Not that it isn't a stunning blush though!
It's taken me a long time to work it out but I now know I'm cool toned when it comes to makeup so alas this warm toned blusher doesn't love me.
Extremely finely milled and velvet soft to the touch, it's easy to tell that this is a good quality blush!
Minimal product is needed with a rather light hand (learnt the hard way!)
On first use, I whacked it onto my cheeks with no attention or care whilst I sang along to the Saturdays with my heavy man-ish hand and the result was really, very coco the clown-esque. Lightly applied when I am tanned (one month a year on average) it looks nice.
All you gorgeous warm toned, olive skinned mysterious beauties, I recomend this to you!
All us milky Snow White honey's, not so much.
£21 for the blush. Not the cheapest so don't rush your shopping experience and find one to suit your skin! There are some 26 shades to choose from so happy swatching!



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