Thursday, 30 August 2012

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Deep Cleansing Oil from DHC as provided from Glossybox August
Oil. On my face. On my oily face. No!
Putting oil on my face would be something I would have run for the hills from a year ago. It feels unnatural and goes against everything I have ever believed good for my skin type.
But I'm a beauty blogger now, and obsessed by all things beauty. I have become an open floozy for beauty products and I'm free to try anything, a bit of a swinger if you will.
"So here goes" I thought to myself as I decanted oil into my palm.

Hearing so much about these kinds of cleansers I have wanted to try one for a few months. I was unwilling to buy it though as I was sure I would hate it. Enter Glossybox...No reason not to try it now I guess!

So here is my end of a working day makeup face. Looking like oil is the last thing I need.
And the oil... Not much to say really, it felt and smelt oily. Crazy times.
I decanted some into a dry hand, rubbed my hands together and massaged it into my dry face where it got to work melting off my makeup.
It felt nice actually, not overly wet or greasy and when I smoothed it over my eyes and lashes it didn't affect my eye's at all, stinging or otherwise. Only a minute or two of massaging action and I was ready to rinse.
I rinsed my face with cold water and was surprised at how easily it washed off.
How water removes the oil I don't know. All my science lessons and 'Nina and the Neurons' programmes on Cbeebies go against plain water being able to wash away oil. But it does. Wonderous!
After I patted my face dry with a snazzy Dora the Explorer towel I expected to be left with an oily residue kind of like a film over my skin but there was nothing. Just clean fresh skin that felt really smooth.
I have used this cleanser several times now as it is so quick and gentle on my eye lashes.
It's hard to say if I would repurchase it as I am always wanting to try out new products so I always flit from one product to another.

Available for purchase here ranging in sizes with prices from £3.50 up to £18.50
£3.50 is a great price if you were looking to try it out!


  1. Ooh looks interesting. loved the humour as always :) x

    1. Have you tried an oil cleanser yet Mez? Haha, thanks! You know me...A comic genius ;-)LOL! x


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