Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Molton Brown Cheek Bloom

I recently did a surprise swap box with a friend on the Beauty Box Swaps Facebook page and amongst a whole box of amazing products  I received a great little Molton Brown blusher that I love!
In the shade cutely named "Apple Blossom"
A very light cool toned pink that really highlights cheeks.
Very finely milled and velvet soft to the touch. Pigmentation is really great, being able to pick up lots of colour with just one swipe so a litle will go a long way. Which is good because it's a tiny little blush compact. Everything about it from size to colour screams cute!

Very pale and more of a "natural makeup" day blush or a sweet highlighting shade to make cheekbones pop. It's a really girly soft shade, so if you are looking for a vibrant flush of colour this isn't for you!

Now I am faced with a problem of sorts. I can't find it online anywhere!? Maybe it has been discontinued? anyone know and care to throw me a comment?
I might be able to find it in the Molton Brown shop in Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth as it is an outlet shopping mall and well known for having previous seasons products. We shall see.
 If you happen apon these sweet little blushes I would recommend them for your collection, especially if you have a fair skin tone like me.

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