Tuesday, 14 August 2012

GlossyBox August 2012- International Superstars

Glossybox time crept up pretty quickly and unexpectedly! sneaky little box of makeup'y goodies! But here it is.

Based on international superstars with hero products from around the world. This cheeky Olypics theme just wont quit huh?!
 You may notice 6 products instead of the usual 5, and that would make you very perceptive. And a genius.
Anyway, Glossybox have treated us to a little extra item. Maybe because everyone loves a freebie?

Fist item that got me super excited were the Impress press on manicure nails. I have been wanting to try these bad boys for a long time so I'm super chuffed to get them in the box. Luckily mine came in a really cute dusky pink and black lace look design which is totally in keeping with what little style I have!
Full size product with an RRP of £7.99
Blog post to follow on these when I get a week off work shortly and a chance to road test them! I'm pretty rough on me ol' nails so it will be interesting to see how long they last for me.
Next up, yet another product I have been wanting to try, I think.
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.
Arghhhhh oil on my face?! I want to try it but it feels so unnatural to put oil on my face when I set out everyday to combat excess oil and shine. It's a psychological thing. It just feels wrong.
But try it I will, all in the name of beauty and shiny faces!
30ml sample.
Full size £18.50 for 200ml which might make this worth £2.70? Maybe? *Maths arghhh* :-s
Alessandro Pro White
A nail varnish to brighten and whiten the appearance of natural nails. Combating that awful yellow colour nails get when you abuse them with nail polish too often *guilty*
With a blue/purple hue similar of ultra violet.
This will be good for me at work where clear varnish is all that is permitted, by order of some non beauty product appreciating, pretty nails hating, angry person sat in a head office...Or maybe just health and hygeine reasons?
£7.85 for 10ml.
No mention on the bottle of how many ml this sample is but comparing it to my extensive polish collection I'm going with it being about 3-4ml making the sample roughly £2.34
Vera Valenti L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita
An eyeshadow palette that looks like it's straight from my mum's early 1990's makeup bag.
Sorry, but it's so true!
The packaging is really cheap, the colours an odd choice and the applicator super basic. Running the risk of sounding really snobby here, but I don't even want to try it.
Full size with an RRP of £3.85
A lipstick sealing, lip stinging brilliant bitch of a product.
I first found this product when I was around 7 years old, no joke! I found it in the bathroom and took it for a friend and I to use when attending a super cool disco, whilst we violently rubbed our lips to prove it's magical staying power and stood staring at boys we wish we could talk to.
It stings like an absolute effing bitch but man it works.
The stinging subsides quickly and once used regularly I found the sting loses it's bite.
Not to be used on cracked or chapped lips. Ever. Just trust me on that one!
I already own a lipcoat so this one may go to someone else as I impart my beauty knowledge onto my unsuspecting friends.
Full size product and has an RRP of £3.99
Lastly, a cheeky little bonus item.
Glossybox branded lipstick in the colour Glossy Pink.
A dusky pink and extemely creamy in formulation lipstick. Actually a vast mega improvement on the damn goat hair brush Glossybox presented me with last time we saw a Glossybox branded product, but I am yet to give it a proper test run.
RRP of £9.50
Better box than last months and I was quite impressed and pleased with the contents. Hurah!

Box total is roughly £30.37. I was never bothered about the value of the box, and in early box posts I never mentioned the price or worth of the products but once the value of the boxes started to differ so dramatically, I am always curious now to see the value of my box. I mean everyone likes value for money right?
 I would mention of course that Glossybox have valued their own product at being worth nearly £10 so without this extra product the value would be around £20


  1. I found lipcote when I was about 7 too! Stolen from my Mums make up case! Superb product, may not be new as such but such a keeper!

    Your impress patterns look fab too, and agree on the palette - EWW.

    I missed this GB, and lipcote aside, I dont mind....glad your happy though!

  2. That eyeshadow palette looks truly horrendous! Haha looking forward to getting my box nonetheless x


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