Monday, 27 August 2012

Stila One Step Correct Fresh Face To Full Face Review

The Stila One Step Correct was in my Selfridges box (review here) and I have since been trying it out for size against my other million primers...well 5 or 6 really.
Said to be a colour correcting, brightening, anti-ageing, oil controlling serum primer (mouthful!)
So just a general super hero of a product then?! Talk about multi purpose!

Beautifully swirled to look like it may be more at home in a science lab than a makeup box! Three seperate helix colours wrap around the inside of the tube.
Lilac: Counteracts sallow (yellow) skin tones to give a more vibrant skin appearance.
Green: Neutralizes redness and conceals blemishes.
Peach: Brightening and illuminating whilst evening skin tone.
In a pump style bottle that brings the three colours together. Lightweight and smooth to the touch, I used my finger to thoroughly mix the three tones together before applying to my face.
Bare skin, applied to skin and blended in.
Toned down redness and a lighter, brighter skin tone was most noticeable although still subtle.
Once blended in I couldn't feel it on my skin at all. It didn't sit on top like some primers tend to do, nor did it feel "clammy" or greasy. It virtually dissapeared leaving brighter skin in it's wake.
 My final makeup look. My makeup stayed virtually in place the whole day with a little "wear" around my nose to touch up but this is my problem area anyway. I didn't really need to re-powder and on a sunny day it didn't melt off my face.

Out of stock on the Stila website at the moment but available from Boots here for £24


  1. I want to try this! I am getting a Selfridges box but it may have different contents as they oversubscribed. Hope this is still in it!

    1. You ended up with this in your later Selfridges box didn't you Jo? Did you like it? x

  2. Ooh been wondering about this product for a while. you look gorgeous as always m'dear x

    1. Tis good, but a tad pricey I think. Thank you :-D x


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