Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Week In Instagram #4

The first week of September. Soon to be Elle's 3rd birthday and the sun is gleaming every single day, so she should have a nice tan in time for her bithday...Joking!
Chanel illustration from a fashion book. My messy makeup and after an hour well spentin beauty product tidy makeup. And a grasshopper AKA Mr Hopper-grass to Elle who found him.

My nail polish collection, in beautiful rainbow order, which pleases me greatly. A random cat that keeps appearing in our house, seriously, who's damn cat is this?! Elle's drawing of daddy and a NOTD with OPI and Illamasqua.

Another week well spent glued to my camera. I plan to print all the flower/plant photo's on my instagram and make some wall art at some point. You know, because I'm a nifty little crafter...

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