Saturday, 1 September 2012

Illamasqua Powder Foundation

I got a few items in the ever popular Illamasqua sale. And as I am increasingly overly excited and obsessive about skin products, I got a powder foundation. Leaving me feeling somewhat disloyal to my 6 year long relationship with my Barbara Daly powder foundation. I'm sorry Barb, I'll be back!

A lightweight silky podwer encased in beautiful sleek black packaging, although a little bulky if you like to carry it around in your handbag. It comes with a handy little powder puff for on the go but I like to use a Kabuki brush.
I am a huge fan of powder foundations as they are super quick and easy to use with little effort and big effect. These types of products being the answer to my makeup taking no more than 10 minutes. Well, that and having a two year old.
On use I found it evened skin tone massively, giving a great "blank canvas" for the rest of my makeup. It took shine away with one swipe of the Kabuki and glided over any blemishes, leaving them hidden.
One thing I don't like is that it tends to cling to any dry skin you might have (mine being around my nose) and makes it more noticeable.
This powder has the tendancy to look a little chalky, at it's worst when applied with the puff but not so much with a brush. Although once it has settled into my skin, this chalky look isn't as noticeable.
The shade I have is in 140, which may be a touch too light for me but I ordered online without having swatched in a shop. It is still wearable for me though, so not wasted.
wear is good with a few touchup's over my t-zone throughout the day which is normal for my skin.

£23 on the Illamasqua website here
I got it for £10 in the sale.
with 15 shades to choose from, there will almost certainly be a shade for your skin. I would recommend going into a shop to test the colours beforehand if you can though as it's not cheap.

Would I repurchase? If there was a sale on and I was running low on my Barbara Daly (best powder foundation I have ever used) then yes I might, but not at full price as I can get my usual product for £7.

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