Thursday, 6 September 2012

Impress Press On Manicure Review

Given a rare and exciting week off to have pretty nails away from the glitter police of my workplace, I gave the new Impress press on manicure nails a go after hearing so much about them recently.
I am so rough with my nails and all polishes, be it high end or budget, chip within 24 hours. So these nails claiming to last up to a week with the bonus of no drying time apeal to my beady eye greatly.

Find the closest fit for each nail and lay them out in your best OCD inspired fashion.
Give each nail a little scrub with the nail prep wipe (included in the box)
Go ahead and peel the backing from a nail and apply to corresponding nail.
Do this for all 10 and you are set. Good job.
Easy to do. Easier to do without a toddler hanging off your back shouting something about "riding a camel" I should imagine...
 Pretty and perfect looking. They bend and flex with your own nails but are still rigid enough to feel secure.
I had one problem though...
A bit blurry but hopefully you can see that there seems to be a gap between my natural nail and the impress nail. Particularly (and annoyingly) on my middle finger.
I chose the best fit for each nail. The next size up overlapped onto my skin, the next size down didn't cover my nail. So maybe I just have really flat nails or something? I don't know.
Argh so annoyyying! You would be surprised just what can get stuck in the little gap and be impossible to get out. Makeup, food, dirt, more food... you get my drift.
Applied at 9am and by 8pm, whilst getting Elle ready for bed, one ring finger nail appeared on the bathroom floor.
The next morning in bed, next to my boyfriends appalled face, lay one solitary little finger nail. And caught up in my hair? Another ring finger nail. Nice.
You get enough in the pack to reapply any lost nails, so resisting the urge to take them all off, reapply them I did.
One thing that bugged me no end was that every time I ran my fingers through my hair, strands of it would go under the nail from the cuticle and get stuck, meaning I ripped out quite a bit of hair. Hmmm.
Over the next couple of days I lost a few more and said goodbye to them. They were easy to remove by just gently pulling and lifting them from the sides, and my natural nails escaped mainly unharmed if only a bit dry.

I wouldn't buy them again purely because I own 80-something nail polishes. I enjoy painting my nails and changing them up. They are also quite expensive at £7.99 for plain ones and £8.99 for ones like these with a design. I would rather use the money on a nail polish that I can use again and again.

If you like quick application that looks neat and clean then these are great, although I don't know what kind of non washing up, ladies that lunch kind of life I would need to lead in order to get a week out of them...

Check them out in Boots here.


  1. I had these in an old box and HATED that I couldn't run my fingers through my hair - exactly as you, individual ones would catch and pull.
    I also applied mine in an aim to be quicker than painting for a night out...they didn't even last one pub, and I ended up removing them all in the toilet later in the evening!
    Whilst they are a cure idea, they just aren't up to the job!!


    1. Glad it's not just me! Nightmare!
      Haha I bet all the guys you were with were disgusted when you started pulling your nail off! And then you had to out without your nails painted :( x

  2. YES, I hate them, such a cult product which don't work. So annoying! My review here! xxxxxx

    1. Good review Steph! They have so much hype and they really just don't work! Grrrr! x

  3. They're alright you just can't make the mistake like me and wear them for fun...cause its not fun at all. You have to where them out or something. I'll definitely where them to a little house party or a club. But not for school like I tried the first time.


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