Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MAC Pretty Please Lipstick

New lipstick purchase, Sometimes you just can't help yourself...
MAC Pretty Please Lustre lipstick

A pale, cool toned pearl pink that is semi-sheer and very flattering.
It has soft shimmer that reflects the light, adding to the shineof the lustre finish.
Easy to wear and one of those shades that is easily thrown into your handbag and applied without a mirror throughout the day. A really wearable, everyday shade.
Subtle, pretty and gorgeous on a really wide range of skin tones I think.
I love it, and as it's so wearable so the frivolous purchase is justified... Right?!

Bought from the Portsmouth CCO for £9.00
£14.00 at other MAC retailers.


  1. love it ! MAC lipstick is always amazing x

  2. They really are amazing! Once you buy one you want them all!! x


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