Sunday, 16 September 2012

Instagram #5

My little blog has been a little neglected this week due my daughters 3rd birthday on September 11th.
As much as I love writing, it just isn't as fun as hand feeding giraffes!
A picture of Elle in Tenerife and the rest were captured in the butterfly house at Longleat Safari Park.

Some flowers from a beautiful weding. Elle just a week old (feeling nostalgic!) and Elle and I cuddling after a long day!
A Passion flower from the butterfly house. Elle in the parrot cage looking too damn cute!
A beautiful view from Longleat and the grand Longleat House.
My newly decorated iPhone case, Elle at her first ballet lesson, A post I made for Elle's birthday and a set table at a dinner party.

So a week Consumed by the cuteness of Elle whilst I reminisced tearfully of the days when she didn't answer back ;-)

A little side note to say an absolute huge congratulations to Anna and Jofus of Le Floof TV and The Style Diet on Youtube, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Emilia! On the same day as Elle's birthday with only a half an hour difference between their birth times no less!
I have watched the vlogs and videos throughout the entire pregnancy and beforehand and was incredibly excited as I watched the live twitter feeds come in that our daughters share a birthday!
You can watch the incredibly moving birth video here
Although I would grab a tissue as they share the biggest moment of their lives!

Instagram username: emsmcs


  1. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous!! :) xx

    1. Ahhh thank you! She's a monster though! xx


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