Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Philip B Katira Hair Mask Review

Ever the frustrated owner of dry frazzled hair, I was pleased to receive this Philip B hair mask in my Selfridges box (post here)
Although it has actually taken me a while to use it.
I am a touch on the sceptical side at how well these products can actually work once hair has been lovingly destroyed, but it's worth a try!
I expected a stongly scented product but there was virtually no scent at all, giving me more trust in the fact that this is a more naturally sourced product with less chemicals.
"Based on pure botanicals and essential oils"
"Containing pure Katira extract, it fills in weak, damaged spots in the hair cuticle for added smoothness and strangth"

I wet my hair and applied a generous amount to the ends and mid lenghts working it through and then applying what was left on my hands to the top of my hair as the top needs less "reconstuctive surgery."
 A little goes a long way and I used a little too much. This is good to know as it isn't an overly cheap product. 
(£40 for 178ml)
I then put my hair in a top knot and let it dry.
When dry it will go almost hard and crispy to the touch. You can also apply gentle heat from a hairdryer to help penetrate the product into the hair although I didn't do this.
Once washed and blow dried there was an instant difference! Usually once blow dried my hair ends are frizzy and uncontrolable. My hair feels smoother, softer and oh so very shiny (watch out for magpies!)
Swooshing around my house swishing my new found healthy, happy hair until the reality of needing to repurchase this £40 product at some point came to the forefront of my mind...
Before (left) and after (right)
Oddly MIA from the Selfrdges website but I found it here
Now if only I had some place to go with my new "swishy" hair...


  1. I need to get this, my hair is dead from bleaching :( Lovely review :) x


    1. I think it might work wonders on bleached hair! Thank you! :-) x

  2. Wow, I cannot wait to try this! My usual hair treatment is to use coconut oil and sleep with it all night, and wash out in the morning its a nice treatment, but I am excited about trying this mask and seeing what results I get :-) My only worry is that I like it so much I want to use it all the time and its expensive! LOL!

    Thanks for a great review!

    Grace - allthatslap.com xx

    1. Hey Gracie :-) You given it a go yet?! Iv'e never tried coconut oil! Does it smell amazing cos I love coconut scent! God don't remind me about repurchasing! Eeeek! That was Selfridges plan all along I think! Get us hooked so we have to buy it! Haha! xx

  3. This is such a fab review! I've not tried this yet but plan to soon x


    1. Thank you :) I really worked on my hair, it's running out now though :-S
      Have you tried it yet? x


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