Saturday, 29 September 2012

Balmi Lipbalm

Balmi are fairly new on the scene. Dome shaped balm housed in a spherical little ball.
I recently received a blackcurrant one in the Latest In Beauty Editor's Picks box (link here)
Since stealing all the black Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles as a young'un I have craved blackcurrant things, so I welcome this little gem into my life. I also wear a lot of black. 'Tis a match made in predictable heaven.

Smelling so strongly of blackcurrant that you can catch the scent before you even open it. Synthetic smelling but I love it.
Sleek matte black packaging that twists open revealing the little globe of soft lip goodness.
It goes on smoothly leaving a slick of colourless product glossed onto the lips. Not at all sticky, with the same "on lip" consistency as vaseline. Perhaps because they house the same ingredient of petrolatum. Vaseline does nothing for me, drying my lips out, and I always though it was because of the petrolatum. Since trying this Balmi holding the same petrolatum ingredient, I got no aforementioned dry lip syndrome. So if you don't get on with Vaseline, this is still worth a try.

The globe shape doesn't make application harder or messier at all. It goes on easily and quite precisely.

Complete with a little attachment to put on keys, makeup bag zips...Any other places you more imaginative people can think of. I tried putting it on my till key for work. I put it in my pocket and had a very pronounced bulge right around my crotch area. I took it out of my pocket pronto. Perhaps a little bulky for this use...

Available in other flavours with cute colours if black is just too damn sophisticated for you

Note to Balmi; Please make my life complete with an orange one. Black fruit pastilles and orange jelly babies equal happiness. Write that down.

Check out Balmi online here
Buy them from Boots @ £4.99 each here
Like their Facebook page here


  1. OMG I so want to try this. I have wanted to try the EOS ones ans this looks/sounds so similar so excited! xx

    1. Deffo give it a go seeing as the EOS are hard to find over here! x

  2. I got the raspberry one and its yummy, awaiting the blackcurrant one from LIB box x

    1. Oh I bet the raspberry is so yum! Do you like the blackcurrant one? x

  3. what a great review :)
    thank you for sharing all those info!

  4. I love my OPIs, so I really wanna try these out. I bet the coconut one smells nice :) xx

    1. Ooooo I bet the coconut one smells like holiday and summer time! Yum! x


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