Friday, 24 February 2012

Between a Rock and a Beautiful Face...

I really don't know where to begin with this review of Eyeko... After the rant, this post is a review with pictures so feel free to skip over my Eyeko rantings and get to the pics!
It all started with the January Glossybox. They included a code for a free gift with any Eyeko order, so I headed over to the Eyeko site and ordered an Eyeko Vintage Surprise Gift Set. Fast forward three weeks and still no order. Not good considering they are only based in London.

So I went back onto their website and found their 'contact us' section, I sent a rather pleasant "excuse me, where is my order?"  message...and heard NOTHING back.
So I sent another one, still pleasant at this point. NO REPLY. Hmmmmm, maybe I should coment on their Facebook wall? So I did so and seeing as they are always active on there, I expected a reply pretty quickly. NO REPLY! I mean come on!
I then sent a direct email from my Hotmail to theirs...Are you catching on yet? NO REPLY!
Another Hotmail message and a more disgruntled Facebook post and I'm getting replys, but from other girls who too feel let down as their orders are missing. What is going on?!
Hallelujah...A reply from Eyeko appears on my wall post. Something about warehouse problems and that our orders will be re-sent. Conformation email of this re-despatch came to my Hotmail. Progress! This too, is yet to turn up and would you believe, the ladies in the Head Quarters office had to make my order up and take it to the post office THEMSELVES! So I do thank them for *eventually* caring and being forward in resolving mine and other ladies orders whilst throwing in a free gift for the hassle. I softened slightly at the mention of a free gift and the thought of them trotting down to the post office just to please me...or shut me up which is more likely!
So three and half weeks later... Here is my order!
 And what gorgeous products they are! I do love them all even if I do resent them slightly for the hassle they caused!
Here is the Fat Balm in Toffee. It is for lips and cheeks and it has a nice subtle pigmentation. I will make great use of it in the summer for that glowy 'no makeup' look.
Then was the free gift they included for the mix up which I chose myself. The Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Pen in black. It's fabulous! I love it ever so much, I hope they stock it in Boots because I sure as hell won't be making an online order again! It glides on and is very black. The precision pen makes it easy to use and it doesn't smudge! Happy chappy.
The next was the free product I got by typing 'Glossy' into the notes section at the checkout. The Skinny Eyeliner in Dove Grey. I already have the Emerald green one but i'm not sure where to apply this so it's complimentary to my face, any thoughts on this please do leave me a comment. It's easy to work with and is smudgeable to create a softer look.
Now for the Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen. It wasn't in a box and there is no colour printed on it but I think it's a cool toned red that I am yet to work out if I'm brave enough to wear out! It glides on nicely with a smooth creamy texture, not greasy or drying to the lips. It wears and stays on well.
sorry for the dry lips but you get the jist

Lastly was a Vintage Polish in Jade green. I havn't swatched it as my nails are already painted but I will probably feature it as a Spring nail of the day post as the polish is an on trend pastel colour.

I do hope Eyeko sort out their warehouse problem beacause they have brilliant products to offer. It's just hard to love them when they make it so damn difficult!
Any problems with Eyeko? Love their products?


  1. What a hassle! Glad you got it all sorted in the end though! :-)
    Suzye X

    1. thank you susye, it's a shame because this would have been a rave review otherwise! x

  2. That's ridiculous. I was tempted by the promo code too but I'm glad I didn't order anything, now.

    1. honestly I just couldn't say that the promo code was even worth the trouble x

  3. What hassle!! the lip pen looks nice though!!
    Check out my massive 200 follower giveaway:

    1. the lip pen is nice, i'm sure the resentment every time i use it will fade with time ;) x


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