Tuesday, 7 February 2012

MEMEME Cosmetics- Light Me Up Lipgloss

I am a sucker for an offer or a freebie, I think most of us are! That's why every time MEMEME Cosmetics have a "Treat Me Alert" on their Facebook page I really, well and truely can not say no...Damn them!
If you haven't heard of this company before they are a cosmetics company who's inspiration is ancient Greece and a bohemian style, which all in all makes up really beautifully designed packaging with the slogan "Free Spirits Only."

These are the products that I have managed to bag myself by following their favebook page. MEMEME take one of their products, discount it down to £5-£6 AND give free delivery with these offers!
Shown in the picture above is
The last product there, the light me up lipgloss, was my latest addition. Usually £6.99 and then postage ontop of that. Their Facebook deal made it £5.00

When you twist open the lipgloss two little lights in the lid are activated and turn on. This then gives you this effect when applying...
Quite bright, blue-ish lights. With the light in the lid and the mirror on the side, it's great for dark/night cinema, club or car situations. (Not whilst driving though. Unless your The Stig, in which case give it a go)
The formula of the lip gloss is great. As my Soap & Glory Mother Pucker post stated, I simply can't get on board with sticky lips! The colour pay off is subtle but I did choose a rather muted shade. It glides on nicely, and has staying power as good as I'd expect any lip gloss to have. All in all, it's a good gloss at a reasonable price.
Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page for these deals and also competions that they do to give "likers" a chance at winning products.
You can also find their products in store and online at Superdrug
Have you tried MEMEME?

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