Monday, 6 February 2012

Figs & Rouge

Ever a constant sufferer of extremely dry chapped lip's I'm always on the search for my miracle cure. I was watching a Pixiwoo Youtube video on their 'product's of the month' and they mentioned a Figs & Rouge balm that is organic and great for not only lips but other areas of chapped skin, be it lip's, face or body.

I bought mine from for just £3.50 with free delivery! An amazing price!
Now onto the product itself. The packaging is extremely beautiful and to me, 50's themed which I just love.
100% Pure, natural and organic. Moisturising, soothing and protecting. Mine is in the scent Rambling Rose, I imagined it to smell like roses...obviously. But that said, it doesn't. It smells very familiar, I really can't quite put my finger on the smell. It is very herbal and medicinal smelling, not my favourite smell, and if I could choose again I would choose one of their fruitier scents.

The consistency of the balm is soft to the touch, with kind of gritty particles that melt into the skin when applied. It's not too greasy and not at all sticky. I rubbed some on the back of my hand (which has skin like sandpaper at the minute) and the product was quickly absorbed and left my skin extemely soft and smooth. When applied to the lip's it leaves a nice clear sheen.
Another thing I love about this product is that it contains no Petroleum. Petroleum is an ingredient in Vaseline that dries my lip's out like crazy. Step away from the Vaseline!
They have a facebook page here.

Have you tried any of their balms? What did you think?


  1. I received the geranium in a beauty box and it smelled exactly as said flower and I hated it in fact... Just personal preference. :( love the tins design tho.

    1. Which box was it in? Yeah i think the fruity one's are the way to go, and the 'coco vanilla' one sounds good. x


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