Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NUXE Multi-usage oil review

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse- A multi-usage dry oil. Mine is the 'Golden Shimmer' version of the oil which shines beautifully with tiny gold particles. Since this little bottle arrived in my GLOSSYBOX all those months ago, I haven't paid it too much attention or interest, despite it looking very high end and luxurious in it's little glass bottle.

Last  night in bed (This is going some where beauty related, promise) I had really dry lips and in the dark I fumbled around for something to moisturise them whilst I slept. I grabbed this little bottle, turned it upside down on my finger and rubbed it on and around my lips. The taste wasn't great but why would it be, it's not made for lips after all. That being said, it relieved the dry tighness and I woke up with very soft lips indeed. I have tried this oil once or twice and liked the non greasy feel that the benefit of a dry oil offers. The shimmer is very obvious though, so I think more use might be had of this oil in the summer and on holidays.

Hopefully you can see that as the oil is so packed with shimmer that it adds a gentle bronzed colour to my pasty white skin. Which again, in the summer I think will be lovely with a tan. This oil is also suitable for hair. So I broke away from my beloved Mythic oil and tried it through the ends.
My hair without the oil, for comparison

With the oil, I felt it looked slightly greasy

I wasn't the biggest fan of it in my hair as it felt a little heavy and greasy. The shimmer did give it a little extra shine and depth which was nice.
My over all feel of the NUXE oil is that I will keep it aside until that special time of the year when I jet away somewhere hot when I feel it will compliment my skin perfectly and nourish salt water and sun drenched hair. This type of product is exactly why I am subscribed to GLOSSYBOX and I'm glad I recieved it.
The oil also comes without the shimmer which i know some subscribers got. You can buy these oil's from Feel Unique.
The plain oil in 50ml is £17
The shimmery one featured here in 50ml is £23.70

Have you tried this NUXE oil?

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