Sunday, 19 February 2012


First is my Nails of the day, because I need some help or advice. I took inspiration (or just flat out coppied) from The Lipglossiping blog, but with a darker blue as I dont own a 'sailor' type blue...yet, queue next purchase!

Now I know your probably thinking there is allot of problems with these nails, which could I possibly be refering to?! Nope not the terrible cuticles or dry chapped skin, not even the over the edges bad paint job! My problem lies with the fact that my top coat ALWAYS smudges my design...Arghhhh! The white lines were a vibrant contrasting bright white, untill I applied my top coat when the blue smudged up through the white making the lines murky. Again...Arghhhh!
 I used E.L.F nail polish in dark navy, which is very dark indeed, almost black! you can check out the E.L.F nail polish line here
This is the top coat I use at the moment but I have always had this problem with other top coats. I have been wanting to try Seche Vite, anyone tried this? Any recomendations or Jim'll fix it solutions are welcomed with open, badly painted hands.

Now, onto my FOTD or Face of the day and the products I used

Products used are:
So there we have it, leave me any comment's below to help me out with this sodding top coat situation!


  1. Hello :) My advice is to leave it to dry for a long time and try different topcoat. Seche doesn't smudges a lot but I always have a lot of topcoat on the brush so it doesn't even touches the polish. Also Konad topcoat is special non-smudge :) Golden rule is to leave it dry enough though :)

    1. don't you just hate waiting for nail polish to dry?! thanks for the tip though :)

  2. I put a blob on the nail of the top coat. Like use too much and then gently brush it on to the nail and try not to push too hard!

  3. cool nails:)

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