Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ear Candle Tutorial

Every few months or so I like to use ear candles, so recently when I had been a bit ill, my ears kept popping and feeling really blocked I bought a pair ear candles from Amazon for £1.59
There is a lot of talk on ear candles and if they actually work or not. I find the process quite relaxing, so even if it isn't actually making a difference to my ears, I enjoy it anyway.
Equipment you will need is
  • A pair of ear candles
  • A lighter/Matches
  • A bowl of cool water
  • A small toddler hand holding a Custard Cream....Just kidding.
Ear candles are supposed to create a small vacume in the ear which then draws out excess wax.
As you use the ear candle you will hear a crackling "white noise" type sound and this is normal.
Using your lighter, crefully light the end of the candle.
With your head laid down flat on a secure surface, place the candle in the ear and position it until you can hear the white noise and it feels comfortable. It does not need to be pushed too far into the ear! You may wish to protect your hair or clothes with a towel although I have done this many times and never had any ash fall out.
As it burns try to relax. the burning should take between 10 and 15 minutes.
The candle will have a black line around it, a few inches from the bottom. This is your "burn to" line. Do not burn past this line (just vissible in the picture above)
Gently and slowly remove the ear candle and extinguish the flame in the bowl of cool water that you had prepped.
The gross part is that you can peel open the candle at the end and you might see some wax that has been drawn out of the ear, although some sceptics believe it is just candle wax from the burnt out candle.
Whether they really do draw out wax or not, my ears do feel clearer in terms of what I can hear and I enjoy the treatment so for £1.59 and 30 minutes of my time, I think it's worth it.

What do you think? Have you tried ear candling before?


  1. Wow you're brave! I'd be worried that I'd set myself alight! lol It does look strangely relaxing though. x


    1. Well really I should have a friend with me to hold it. More relaxing not to mention safer! x

  2. I enjoy doing this treatment too - the 'crackling' noise is very relaxing! ;)

    1. We may be a select few Alex! The response this post got when I posted it on a Facebook beauty group was really strong! To the point I almost took the link down to stop people telling me how irresponsible I am! x


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