Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kate Middleton "Hairspiration"

I love Kate Middleton's hair, It always looks so effortlessly put together. The hair style inparticular that I love is when Kate wears it sleek and controlled through the top and mid lengths with a big bouncy curl to the ends. So today I had a go at it.
I used these three pictures as my inspiration:
I washed my hair, applied L'oreal Mythic oil and Paul Mitchel smoothing balm before blow drying.
I gave just the ends a quick light spritz with hairspray before I started curling to help lock the curl in.

 I then swept all my hair to one shoulder and took little sections at a time, curling just the last 3-4 inches with my GHD straightners and resting the curl down on the opposite shoulder. Transfering the hair from one shoulder to the other helps me to not miss out any hair when curling. I prefer it to using sectioning clips, and it works perfectly for when you only need to get to the ends of the hair.
I gave one last light spritz of  hairspray and and clipped my fringe back slightly. Try not to over use the hairspray to make the curls last (as tempting as it is!) It will end up weighing the hair down and making it crispy and stiff and who ever saw a princess with stiff "non-swishy" hair? Exactly! ;-)
Here is how it looked

Who is your "hairspiration"?


  1. Brilliant!! Such a good dupe :-) xxx

  2. It looks lovely! x

  3. Your hair looks very shiny!

    Great dupe :)

    1. Too shiny though, Its so fine and slippery, get's greasy quickly too!

      Thank you! :) x

  4. Looks lovely! :) Will be trying this tomorrow. x

  5. so pretty! haha @ such a nice dupe :-)
    well done !

    1. Thank you, It doesn't always turn out this well! haha! x


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