Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nail Polish Haul

In the last two day's, I have aquired 11 new nail varnishes...That is not good! That is an addiction!
Welcome to Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous.
The first step is realising you have a problem so here goes.
I'm Emily, and I'm a polishaholic...
Now I didn't buy them all, so technically, I don't have a problem...That sounds like the second step to me... Denial!

Anyway, look how pretty! I went into town yesterday armed with the money I got back from the FAKE Benefit makeup. (see post on Fake Benefit here) 
I bought myself the Models Own Beetlejuice Mini Trio.
They come in Coctail Pink, Golden Green and Pinky Brown. They were £8 from Boots.
I also got Models Own Disco Mix. A gorgeous choca block glitter polish with pink and blue glitter. This was £5 and I have wanted it for so long!

MEMEME nail gloss in Serene. A beautiful cornflower blue hue. I won this from the MEMEME Facebook page by posting on their wall what my favourite nail gloss was from their range and why I love it. These polishes are usually £4.50 and can be found in Superdrug.

GOSH Rainbow flakie. I recieved this completely out of the blue from Stacy, one of the gorgeous ladies on Beauty Box Swaps. I had been after a flakie for ages and knowing this, she sent it to me in the post, completely unexpected and incredibly kind. See my NOTD with this polish here.

Revlon Minted, Peach Smoothie (scented) and Lilac Pastelle. These were picked up for me by another one of the gorgeous BBS ladies, Sarah. She found them at her local market for £2 each so I paypalled her the money and she kindly went out of her way to post them to me. Perfect for spring!

Nails inc. South Molton Street and mini in Rosebery Avenue. These were purchased from The owner is a really helpful lady who is easily contactable through her Facebook page where she also posts deals, so worth clicking the like button!

I have no doubt I won't stop hauding nail varnish any time soon. Maybe a visit to Jeremy Kyle to sort my problem is in order, he fixes everything right?! I would need to find myself some trackie bottoms first though...


  1. So jealous of your haul! Loving the mint Revlon! x

    YY x

    1. Haha! thanks! naughty of me though! x

  2. Models Own Beetlejuice Mini Trio!!!
    Please try them please, I wanna see how fab they are!!


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