Saturday, 7 April 2012

NOTD- GOSH Rainbow Flakie, Ciate Wait Until Dark

One nail of the day post which is, I'm pretty certain, one of the most gorgeous colour combinations I have ever worn!
It comes with owning my very first "flakie" nail varnish. (there is a post to follow this one with the tear jerking story of where I got this flakie from)
GOSH flakie polish in the colour Rainbow Over the top of two coats of Ciate Wait Until Dark.
Wait Until Dark is a deep "petrol" colour, it shimmers with all the multi toned colours of a pertrol puddle. The main colour being purple but flecks of green and blue can catch your eye too. Two coats were needed to get an even coverage.
Topped with one coat of Rainbow flakie. Which is...mesmerizing, interesting and unique to look at. Again it has many colours which catch in the light at different angles. If I tilt my nails down, the flakes turn a bright lush green with yellow in there too. Tilted the other way and the flakes are a deep orange copper colour. Amazing!

It is incredibly hard to capture how absolutely amazing this combination of varnishes is or even just how all out beautiful the flakie is. I thought the flakie would be at it's best over a dark colour but I'm not interested to see how it works over a light colour. Probably more subtle but just as gorgeous!

Have you tried a flakie polish yet? They don't seem the easiest to find on the high street!

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