Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ice Cream Nails For Spring- Revlon

Pastels are the number one style statement for Spring 2012. I am not very fashionable, so it's surprising that I even know that... But never the less here are my pastel "ice cream" coloured nails...
I couldn't adore this look more if I tried! It's fun, young, happy and "on trend"! I used all Revlon polishes that were generously picked up and sent to me by Sarah from BBS (who got them for £2 each!)

Peach Smoothie (scented) Sunshine Sparkle, Cloud, Minted and Lilac pastelle.
They need three coats to be completely streak free and opaque but I expect this from pastel shades.

I love each nail being a different colour, It's super playful and fun!
Hope you like them!

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