Thursday, 26 April 2012

Feather Hair Extensions Put Onto A Clip

I get so bored of my hair, it's plain brown and I never dye it so I love the thought of hair feathers to add a flash of colour!
I wanted to be able to clip the feathers in and out for work purposes.
I bought 5 loose feathers in various purples which cost me around £12 online. I then got hold of a single "snap clip" that regular hair extensions use to be clipped in close to the head.

You will need a snap clip, loose feathers, a locking bead, pliers (not pictured) a small metal loop (I took mine off of an old piece of jewellery)
After you have threaded the feathers and metal loop through the locking bead, close it with pliers. Then attach the feathers to the snap clip with the metal loop. Done!

I love the flash of purples that come through the dark hair! It was so easy to make, you can buy them made up on the clip already but I found doing it myself cheaper and more fun. There are so many different colours and variations you could make!
Being able to clip them in and out is going to help your feathers last longer as you aren't having to wash, brush and style them with your hair.
I'm going to wear it non stop when I go on holiday!

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