Thursday, 5 April 2012

L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream - Fresh Face To Full Face

L'oreal Magique BB Cream is such a strange product. I thought I would hate it and that it wouldn't work. However I love the look it gave my skin and the overall finished makeup look I achieved, just not for this time of year. Here is my Fresh face to full face review.

The reason I thought it would be so terrible is because it comes out of the tube a very strange lilac/grey colour. It then turns a beige skin type colour as you rub it in.
It is so hard to explain so here it is in pictures...

I have read on reviews of this product that it continues to get darker the more you rub it in. This worried me as I am pretty pale and I thought I would have to either barely blend this to get it to match my skin, or blend it properly and look tangoed...Hmmm could be a problem! The formula has pigment capsules in it, which break open when applied and rubbed to release the colour pigment. That would explain why it gets darker the more you rub then!
Fresh faced to full faced...

I don't know how well the photo's show it but my skin did look darker and more tanned with that sun caught glow. Perhaps a bit dark for me at this time of year but come summer time, I think this will give a lovely healthy glow.

This finished makeup look seems perfect for my little holiday to Alicante in May as it was healthy, dewy, glowy and light. It also has SPF 12, not the greatest SPF but it will provide a bit of protection. I am a massive fan of BB creams as I like my makeup to be light and my skin to be able to breath. I do like this one but perhaps only for the sunnier part of the year...about 1 month out of the 12 then?!

This BB cream is bringing something different to the table and shaking it up a bit and although I like that, is the difficulty to apply and match skin tone worth it for a quirky capsule breaking formula that's a bit different?
It comes in the (it would seem obligatory for BB creams) 2 shades of light and medium and retails at £9.99
What do you think of this BB cream?


  1. I really like this one! I was also a bit worried by the initial colour but love it x

    1. Not just me then! I do really like it, it's just a really odd product to look at/ use! x

  2. I awarded you with the Blogger Appreciation Award! You can see it here:


  3. The colour is perfect for you. Just got mine today, am really excited about using it. Did you get the primer by any chance?

    YY x

    1. Thanks, I was a bit worried about the colour. Is that the Lumi Magique primer? I really want to try it, Haven't bought it yet though. x


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