Sunday, 8 April 2012

Jewel Emporium

Fatima Khalid so kindly sent me some jewelry to show you all. I met her on Beauty Box Swaps and she asked for bloggers who would review her jewelry for her. So here we go, some really stunning statement pieces from
Jewel Emporium.
A long necklace that can also be worn doubled over as it is in the picture, The stones on the necklace are a mix of black and petrol coloured beads. And believe it or not, it's priced at only £2.99!
The next piece is an antique inspired bracelet with deep purple stones. It stretches to fit and is really comfortable to wear whilst still making a statement. This one is £6.99
The last item is a pair of large owl earings. Owl's are everywhere on the highstreet at the moment. (no not on the street like pigeons, I mean in the shops on fashion!)  these are really cute and have big blue gem stone eye's. Priced at just £2.99
Excuse the lack of makeup...It's Sunday!
The Jewel Emporium Facebook page is here.
And the official website is here.
You can order through both Facebook and website and postage is a flat rate of £1.99!


  1. love those earrings, they really suit you too :) xoxo

    1. Thank you! They are really sweet, Owl's seem to be in all the shops lately! x


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