Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chanel Perfection Lumiere- Bare faced to full faced review

Chanel's Perfection Lumiere foundation is something I hoped would be rubbish. At £36 a bottle, I needed this to be rubbish...
It is described by Chanel as "Effortless to apply with seamless blendability" I found it dried so quickly that I could barely blend it fast enough before it was set. Chanel also describe it as giving a "Naturally flawless effect" This I do agree with. I thought my skin looked blinking marvelous when I was done. I found the foundation very mattifying, so much so that I barely applied any powder once I was done. This is a good thing for me though.
So onto my bare face- A little uneven with the odd blemish.
Followed by nothing on my face but the foundation- More even and controlled skin tone.
And a fully made up face ready for public viewing-
At first on application I was all "No no, this won't do at all, I'm going to look terrible and like my 2 year old Elle blended it for me...Blindfolded!) 
Then when I grabbed my powder on auto pilot as I do every day, I struggled to find anywhere I needed to apply it! With a name like Lumiere I was expecting a radient and glowing appearance, on application I thought that would be impossible at it seemed so matte but when I was done, I thought my skin looked really healthy.
It's a little more coverage than I usually like. More a heavy medium than the usual light I would go for but the outcome has pleased me.
at around £36 it is really expensive, but they are clever, and make you NEED to buy it. Damn them!
Have you tried it? And loved it? And then *Gulp*, spent £36 on it?

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